What is the best way to do email marketing?

What is the best way to do email marketing?

Email marketing has led to the rise of a new era of consumer-producer relation. Those days went by when people lined up in front of their favorite store just to inquire about the price of the new game released, or make a call to their internet service provider to know the latest changes in traffic plans. In the global era, the tables are turned and now the business are trying their best to attract customers, offering them discounts and freebies, added with a glossy sales pitch. With the growing competition among every large and small business, emails are the effective tool to fish more and more customers.

That being said, it isn’t always pleasant to notice all those spam mails in your inbox, promoting all sorts of crappy products and services. Most of these mails are either blocked by a spam filter or rejected by the viewer and sometimes even resulting into instant unsubscribe from the mail list. On the other side, plenty of businesses are taking full advantage of email marketing, expanding their horizon. So what exactly is the difference between the failure and success of the businesses using email as their marketing strategy? “Effective email” is the answer; it’s the key to succeed in the field of email marketing.

Introduction to Effective Mail

Just as any ordinary mail, effective mail is the email sent by the businesses to their future potential clients. But the factors like interaction and higher conversion rate makes them stand out of the crowd of thousands of spam emails. So what’s the secret? The secret lie in the content of the mail, creating an effective mail is an art involving certain aspects of marketing and business-client relationship. It’s nearly impossible for a business to succeed in the field of email marketing without acknowledging the relevance of effective mails. For those planning to enter the arena of email marketing, but clueless regarding the strategy to create an effective mail, here are some tips to help getting started.
creating effective mail

One Subject Per Mail

While writing a mail to your subscribers, focus on one subject at a time. Don’t mix up too many subjects, making it difficult for readers to comprehend the real motivation of mail. Chose a subject and make it a sole reason of your mail, jumping from one topic to another will produce daunting results to your email marketing campaign. If the subject is too broad, divide it into several shorter mails for better results.

Use Bullet Points

It’s always a good idea to implement the bullet points in your mail, this helps the readers to quickly grasp the main theme and it’s easy to read compared to normal paragraphs. This will also prove effective in organizing the content of mail, although don’t use them in excess.

Avoid Creating Lengthy Email

Nobody likes to read lengthy emails, about 90% of people reject the long content compared to well-presented a shorter version of mails. Try to limit your mail within 100-150 words and divide the content into shorter paragraphs.
Finally, add a catchy title to it and don’t forget to check the content for spelling and grammatical errors.

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