What are the best tools to use for SEO 2017

What are the best tools to use for SEO 2017


SEO tools are essential in order to grow your business. Despite of the fact how good your products or services are, if there aren’t enough visitors, all the hard work will be flush out in vain. Ever visited an SEO related forum? You might be surprised to find several threads relating to SEO tools posted each day, the ever-growing evolution in internet gave rise to the SEO and Google is first to revolutionize the concept. Ever since Google surpassed Yahoo and other search engines, the internet world witnessed a boom in SEO related software and services and the industry keeps growing with the time. With more and more websites popping out daily, webmasters are trying hard to push their website on page 1 of the search engines. SEO tools provide easy access to the best practices of SEO, making it easy to optimize your website and track the progress simultaneously. Nowadays, internet is flooded with SEO tools, and new being released every week. These SEO tools are actively used by all kinds of online business, either large or small. For those new to the concept of SEO, here are some of the best SEO tools to start with.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most reliable tools to track the progress of your website. It often surprises me that many businesses despite spending a fortune over promotion of their brand don’t have Google analytics enabled on their websites; they just rely on the traffic data supplied by the default tools of their hosting panels. Google Analytics is a free yet powerful tool to track the visitors, demographics and referring url. It’s easy to install and preferred by most of the SEO experts.


For most of us, hunting for a good keyword seems to be way more difficult than creating a website or writing the content. While this may be true, with the help of SEO tools these days, keyword research is just like a child play. With over 1 million users, SEMrush is the best keyword research tool in the market. It helps you with keyword finding, backlink analysis of your website, spying over other competitor keywords & backlinks, track progress of your website on search engines and creating your advertisement campaign. Although, unlike some other SEO tools, SEMrush isn’t free, you can either go for their monthly or yearly subscription. They also offer 7 days free trial to test the software.


Google Webmaster Tools

Yet another amazing SEO tool by Google, Webmaster Tools provide you insights on the crawl, indexing and rank of your web pages for different keywords. It helps you to sort the keywords based on their rank in search results. Wanna know who links to your website? This amazing tool does all the hard work for you, providing you with a list of all the blogs and websites linking to your site. Google Webmaster Tools also provide insights on security issues, crawl errors, malware alerts hence enhancing the security of your site. Similar to Google Analytics, this tool is absolutely free and must for every webmaster.

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