How can I Improve My Website Traffic?

How can I Improve My Website Traffic?

get more website traffic

Here are some ways to improve your website traffic

People often put tremendous efforts and time while creating a website. However, when it’s time to earn revenue, traffic is the key king factor. Getting traffic isn’t hard, but due to lack of information, it’s common for webmasters to search the web with phrases like “How can I improve web traffic to my website?” or “How to get more traffic?”

To be straightforward, getting regular visits to a new website or blog requires time, patience and efforts. Without traffic, your website might as well be like selling shampoo in Antarctica, no traffic, no sales; it’s as simple as that. Traffic is the driving factor for any online business, without any strong source of traffic; you won’t make any real cash. So what now?

Thankfully, there are several efficient strategies to drive great amount of traffic to your website. So, to make things easy, here is a list of some of the best techniques to boost your visitors.

Adding Keywords and Meta Description

Adding relevant Keywords and Description to your website posts is the basic step of informing search engines about primary theme of your post content. Although, do all the necessary keyword research like search volume, competition and CPC before you publish the content to your website. For instance, if your website is about “How to learn English in 30 days”, then using “Learn English” as your primary keyword is a bad idea. That keyword is way more competitive and beside someone searching for “Learn English” could be searching content for their assignments or just searching basic information on English language. While searching for relevant keywords, Google keyword Planner comes in handy, go for keywords with better CPC, low competition and high searches.

You might also want to add Meta description to your website, although it isn’t that significant anymore; all major search engines use phrases from content to display in search results. While you may overlook this step, creating a description to your post might add value to the traffic of a website.

Promoting Your Website

Promote your website over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They are the major source of traffic, social media promotion if handled correctly may increase the visitor count by tenfold in less than a month. Create your business page on Facebook and Twitter, add proper details regarding your services and create engaging posts to get maximum exposure. Although refrain from posting too much of a promotional content, that may result in negative results and risk your business reputation. Integrating social media like and share buttons to your post is a great approach to viral your content over social media. Additionally, you can also use forums, email marketing, guest posts to increase your view count.

User Friendly

Finally, make sure to design your website user friendly. If your website is irrelevant to the main subject or takes forever to load, this will result in high bounce rate. Spend time on designing your website appealing to visitors, post your content with images and divide every post in to headings, paragraphs and bullet points.

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